My winter thesis project titled, “Essentials” is a fashion spread depicting timeless, sophisticated staple pieces that everyone should have in their closet. From the perfect pair of denim, a suit, to trousers, a moto leather jacket, and so forth, I wanted this series to cater towards millennials and people within their 20s which is why I photographed younger models.

Photographing people of colour has been a personal choice during my final year at Ryerson. While representation of minorities exists, I feel as though there could always be more diversity within the fashion and photographic world — both in front of the camera and behind. Whether that be in art, magazines, television, and film, it is important, especially for younger audiences, to see more people within these industries broadcasted on platforms accessible to a vast audience. Fashion photography possesses the capacity to idealize identities, culture, race and bodies. Part of the power lies on what is displayed in front of the camera, and a large part of that is who is behind it (the photographer, the executives of a company, the people in the boardrooms, offices, educational institutions). These are the teachers. Whether or not you are in front of the camera or behind it, it is vital that society, as a collective, is mindful with the images and media that is publicized and endorsed. At a young age, the images and people we see represented in media affects the ways in which we interact with different people. As a bi-racial photographer, by shooting people of colour I want to honour and recognize the diversity that we have and keep the conversation going in order for young artists like myself to alter and improve how society performs.

Make Up: Beatriz Llanos

Styling: Beatrix Eng

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