The diversity and beauty of life is retained on earth. Surrounded by scenic, sublime landscapes, that which the soul is bound to. Seeking a greater perhaps, finding where the soul belongs, what their true purpose on life is through the act of travel. As a means of connecting the inner spirit with the rush of the waves, the wind through the leaves, and the changing of the seasons. Belonging is a self reflection series on the artists’ personal experience with nature. The set of images reflects on the notion of being unified with the earth. Going beyond her physical existence, the artist places herself within these landscapes facing toward the horizon allowing her to connect and wallow in the ethereal beauty of each environment. Each landscape seeks to emanate serenity, peacefulness, and solitude. Every image explores her own spiritual connection with nature allowing her to reflect on her place within the world. The act of floating in mid air symbolizes vulnerability and giving herself to the universe by accepting life in its entirety to guide her path in life. The anonymity of the artist encourages the viewers to extend themselves into the landscapes and reflect on their own understanding of the earth, universe, and their place within it.

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